Redningstjenesten i Retezatfjellene har ryddet nye fire fotturistveier i de vakre fjellene. De fire rutene har ulik vanskelighetsgrad, men er bergenet for alle uten at man trenger spesiell trening i forkant. Dette skriver Bucharest Herald på engelsk om saken:

Tourists that want to hike through the area of the Retezat Mountains will be able to go along four new trails, crossing scenic landscapes, which include the lakes of the Bucura cauldron, at more than 2,000 meters altitude.
The routes have a low degree of difficulty and can be crossed in several hours, after being prepared and marked by the mountain rescue service Salvamont Hunedoara these days.
“Where this is necessary, we are putting small bridges over ravines, cutting bushes in the narrow spots of the trails and stabilizing the ground,” the chief of Salvamont Hunedoara, Ovidiu Bodean explains.
Tourists that prefer the lakes of the Bucura glacier cauldron should follow the Lake Trail (Traseul Lacurilor), which takes two hours from end to end and is relatively easy to cross. It starts from the Salvamont Refuge of Lake Bucura and is marked with a red spot against a white background.
Another trail starts in the Râu de Mori commune, towards the Râuşor resort, follows the Valea Vălăreasca Valley and ends on the Vârful Retezat Peak, via the Prelupcele Pass. It includes a segment on the mountain peak, with a nice view of the Căldarea Şteviei Cauldron. It is marked with a red triangle against a white background.
The third trail starts in Brazi, climbs towards the Gura Apei dam, then goes along the Valea Lăpuşnicului Mare Valley and Poiana Pelegii, ending at Şaua Pelegii. It is marked with a blue dot on white background. This is the most difficult trail and will be closed in winter.
The last trail starts in the Pui Village, climbs towards Hobiţa, Stâna de Râu and Tăul Ţapului, ending at Porţile Închise.
“The trails are relatively easy to cross, but may include some difficult segments. Anyway, they are accessible and do not require climbing equipment,” the chief of Salvamont Hunedoara explains.

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